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Lapsus Linguae

(Latin) "A slip of the tongue"

Marcus A.
21 April 1986
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I graduated from Quest High School in 2004. I didn't go there all four years, my first two were at McNeil High in Austin, just for some of my older friends. Going back further was Grisham Middle, Cheldelin Middle, and Hoover Elementary. Before that I lived in Brasil, where my family is from. To answer most questions I get asked regarding that, yes I speak Portuguese (no, it's not the same country as Portugal), I'm a proud Brazilian, and it's not a jungle. I'm also part Italian and Catholic and proud!

It's odd how things have changed. Maybe I'll update here once more. Maybe not. I thought I had everything figured out back when I was writing in this but I didn't. Now I do: one never knows! That's not to say I've changed, I have just grown as a person.

Who is this person? I'm a very friendly guy and what you see is what you get, I'm not into the whole backstabbing thing. I'm not rude, but if you ask me for the truth I tell it like it is, no sugar coating. I'm an engineer type and am naturally curious about a lot of things (just like a monkey, my favorite animal) but I also have a tendency to take everything apart when fixing something, making the job harder than it has to be.

There's a lot more, but it's current stuff. Maybe if I don't type it now I'll actually update my LJ. We'll see...

And in case you are wondering where I got Scarpacci from, my nickname in 10th grade was Antonio Scarpacci, Italian Stallion, Brazilla Killa, Portuguese Beast, Innovator of Violence when he wants to be, Pokémon Master!